Starting a new blog

The feeling of starting a new blog is an equal mixture of excitement and trepidation. All the big ideas, big motivations, and big goals are confronted by all the big work.

There’s so much to do. Once WordPress is installed, and you look wide-eyed at the ‘add new post’ page, things quickly come into perspective. The design needs to be decided upon, contact forms need to be put into place, and, most importantly, all those great posts have to be written.

It’s no wonder so many stop before they even really get started. While starting a blog is still one of the quicker paths to making money online, it’s becoming increasingly complex.

If you’re starting a blog, I want you to know that I’m right here with you. This is my first blog in years. In the past I’ve created more static sites – sites that have a set amount of content which doesn’t change too often. For these sites I’ve typically used content management systems that most of you won’t be familiar with. For example, Josh Clark’s excellent Big Medium.

It’s been a while since I’ve worked with WordPress, and even though I’ve built some successful sites in the past, I have to admit, I’m a little intimidated. There’s so much you can do with WordPress these days. I’m sure for me, currently, it’s all overkill.

The hardest part that I’m dealing with right now is choosing the theme. As I’ll talk about in a future post, most recently I’ve been an art director. So, design is important to me, and I’m sure I’ll be tinkering with any design that I choose.

However, one crucial thing that I’ve learned with my time building on the web, design is secondary. It pains me to say that as a graphic designer / art director, but it is true.

There are some hideous sites out there getting tons of traffic. As a counterpoint, I’ve seen some beautifully designed sites that languish in the low traffic nether regions because their content is poor. It’s all based on the content.

Great content equals great results. Great content also equals work. So, we have a lot of work to get to.

As I said earlier, I’m right there with you. In fact, this is a first post in a ‘getting started’ series that I’ll be updating as time goes on. What I’m doing to make blogging easier, better, and more engaging.

Have you already begun work on a great blog? Let me know what are some of your starting points in the comments.

And so it begins…

Ok, customary first post on a new blog. Nothing much to see here…yet.

This blog is something that I’ve been wanting to do for some time now. A blog detailing and exploring my quest of making money online. Ugh, even as I write those words, I cringe.

‘Making money online,’ it sounds so internet market-ish. I really don’t want to be one of those people. I believe that money can be made online ethically and in a beneficial way for content creator and content user.

Additionally, I believe that money can be made online passively. Okay, maybe not totally passively, but close to it.

If you’re reading this post, I hope that you’re reading it years after the blog has become established, has found it’s voice, and has become a trusted resource.

So, with that, just a customary first post. Nothing to see here.